Day 19

Pontevedra  • 
Once 85km feel like a Day to Relax, you realize the progress you're making from cycling each and every day. Today, we traveled the last 20km from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela and finished the Camino de Santiago there. The Camino del Norte was a beautiful one and while we did not see as many...

Day 18

O Pedrouzo  • 
On paper we had a pretty tough day ahead of us, with a big climb in the morning to get onto the Spanish highlands and around 1600m elevation gain. However, we felt great and ate a lot which allowed us to power throughout the day and make it almost all the way to Santiago. We decided however to look...

Day 13

Toñanes  • 
After capturing the beauty of our beloved sleeping spot with our drone, we got off to another day in mountain territory with fascinating views of the Picos de Europa, which are a mountain chain with peaks beyond the 2500m. Being on the bike all day long actually feels good at this point, we're reall...

Day 12

Cerdigo  • 
Another day in the Cordillera Cantábrica with challenging climbs and beautiful landscapes and sceneries. We're very grateful for the chance to see some very remote towns up in the mountains where it feels as if the concept of time wouldn't exist. We are absolutely in love with the beauty of this reg...

Day 11

Berriz  • 
most challenging day thus far with 1700m elevation gain and some very steep roads. Gotta love the Basque Country, the landscapes and views from the mountains are breathtaking. No wonder many spanish pro bikers are from this region. we covered 75km in mountain territory which feels like more of an ac...

Day 10

Igeldo  • 
Now officially bridging borders! Today we made it from the French part of the Basque Country to the Spanish one. The border between both countries is a beautiful river with the towns of Hendaye and Irún on either shore. The landscape and terrain changed noticeably on the Spanish side and we made it...

Day 9

Biarritz  • 
today we took surprisingly long for our distance as we stopped for various reasons in multiple occasions, such as a massive lunch break, a short visit to a bar where Jonathan's dad used to go every summer back in the days, a break to get some drone footage and a meeting with two fellow bikepackers w...

Day 8

Mimizan  • 
finally at the beach!! super thrilled to be back in the ocean, especially after covering 800km to get there! good day today with rested legs and decent progress

Day 7

Bordeaux  • 
today we could reap the fruits of yesterdays effort as we only had 55km left to our first big waypoint: Bordeaux. It was smooth crusing and a beautiful and relaxed evening in the city. Most importantly we we're able to charge our batteries again - also quite literally all the electronic batteries.

Day 6

Bedenac  • 
We got off to an early start today and aimed to cover some more KM's in order to get close to Bordeaux. The terrain changed from pretty flat with sunflower fields to quite hilly with wine fields. While the sun was back at it again today, we really enjoyed the steeper terrain and found an absolute ge...

Day 5

Ruffec  • 
We used our first stay in an official camp site last night to recharge most of our depleted electronics and fix Jonathan's tyre which was defleted for the second time in two days. For the first time we actually had a cloudy day so we made the most of the otherwise hot afternoon hours. We were extrem...

Day 4

Dissay  • 
After camping in a corn field last night, we continued our journey down the beautiful Loire and enjoyed pretty scenic biking routes and towns. We decided to try out an official camp site next to the stunning Chateau de Dissay (we could used a shower and charging for our electronics by now), however...

Day 3

Beaugency  • 
It's absolutely crazy how fast the days go by when we're on the bike and how fast you can fully dive into your new daily routines. So far we haven't really had any spare time since we're either on the road, putting up/down our tent, packing in/out our stuff and buying & preparing LOADS of food in or...

Day 2

Beaugency  • 
After being absolutely spoiled by an incredible first day we got back out into the hot sun and biked for hours via completely straight and remote country roads. A few times i actually catch myself thinking how meditative and peaceful it is to be out in the nature and simply bike all day long. One of...

Day 1

Étampes  • 
We started the Zerow-Emission Project under the mystic Arc de Triomphe this afternoon, after enjoying our top location in Paris with breakfast at Sacre Coeur and an incredible view over the city. Ironically Paris will be by far the biggest city we'll cross during our trip to Portugal, so we decided...


Paris  • 
Finally the time has come to start part 1 of the Zerow-Emission project. After months of staying at home and social distancing, the excitement for a mid-summer adventure was real as soon as we boarded our train to Paris yesterday afternoon. As of now, France, Spain and Portugal have all eased their...