We started the Zerow-Emission Project under the mystic Arc de Triomphe this afternoon, after enjoying our top location in Paris with breakfast at Sacre Coeur and an incredible view over the city. Ironically Paris will be by far the biggest city we'll cross during our trip to Portugal, so we decided use our bikes to soak up Paris' amazing vibe as much as possible before finally starting the adventure in the afternoon.

We were kind of expecting to have a few near-death experiences in crazy big-city-traffic today, so we were totally caught by surprise that Paris and it's metropolitan area actually have pretty decent biking routes that allowed for easy cruising. While we started our journey quite late today, we were feeling great and covered close to 80km despite having only a few hours to work with. Overall we couldn't have asked for a better first day and we found an incredibly scenic place to put up out tent as well.