Day 96

Day 96  • 
For those of you following Julen Sanchez's Atlantic row, here's a quick update. He's approaching 7000km rowed (he'll do that by Sunday which will be Day 98 at sea). We lost all comms with Julen around a month ago as his 3rd and final phone died. The original plan was for Julen to row into Puerto Ric...

Tracking again

Day 73  • 
Julen's tracker map will now be updated automatically every 6 hours. I (Clement, the founder of TravelMap) was manually updating the map for a few days but now I managed to synchronize Julen's TravelMap with VesselFinder's real-time satellite-AIS data. So it'll be more frequent and more reliable fro...

Tracking issues

Day 64  • 
Julen's tracking is temporarily offline. His smartphones stopped working so he can't connect to his Iridium GO device. We're working on a solution to update the TravelMap tracking using his AIS position from MarineTraffic or VesselFinder. His MMSI number is: 232019450

SMS from

Day 31  • 
Lat+24deg45'37" Lon-25deg55'27" Alt000ft GPS Sats seen: 07 2014-11-02 19:37UTC