For those of you following Julen Sanchez's Atlantic row, here's a quick update. He's approaching 7000km rowed (he'll do that by Sunday which will be Day 98 at sea). We lost all comms with Julen around a month ago as his 3rd and final phone died. The original plan was for Julen to row into Puerto Rico, get a new phone and depart from there, but as I suspected, Julen changed his mind and is now going to complete his row direct. I get a short weekly update from passing vessels who Julen contacts on his VHF and who are kind enough to call me with his position and update. He'll no longer make it to Miami as it's too complicated for him to navigate through the Bahamas without weather and routing updates, so he'll go up the outside of the Bahamas and cross over from there - aiming for anywhere in North Florida or Georgia. He's got just over 2000km to go so hopefully arriving the first week in April. So that will hopefully be 9000km rowed and around 120 days at sea. Talk about crossing the Atlantic the long way!


From: Niall Bates

Source: Facebook - Ocean Rowing Society group